Useful Resources

For Careers Adviser's


Every time we find something useful or informative that helps us do what we do, only better, we like to share it. For links on options at 16/18, specific industry sites and more, click on the picture!

For Job Seekers


Here's a host of links for advice on CV's, applications, interviews and more!

For Subject Teachers


If you're looking to embed careers into your subject, look no further. Here's some resources and contacts that might be able to help. Be sure to check out our Industry-specific links too.

For Apprenticeship Seekers


A rapidly changing and evolving landscape, apprenticeships can be tough to pin down. We've done our best here! At the foot of this page we also have a live Apprenticeship vacancy feed so again please keep an eye on this!

For University Applicants


With only five initial choices, selecting the right course and venue for you can be tough. Here's a few sites that might be able to help!

For Alternatives to Uni


If you're wondering what else is out there for you, have a look at this!

Labour Market Information

When offering Careers Guidance, it's really important that the guidance offered matches the world of work. We use a number of websites to help us with this. Below is our LMI 4 All widget. If you choose three different jobs, you can compare those jobs. This is great for those just starting to think about careers. 

Although we do our best to stay on top of issues like broken or outdated links, it's not always possible. So, if you find something that doesn't work, please let us know.

With the wealth of Careers Information out there, there's always the smallest of possibilities that we have missed something. If you find something that works for you, please let us know.


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